Trading Business

Overseas Market Entry
& Expansion Consulting Service

Elaia Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited, “Elaia”, is an international consulting firm with extensive overseas business experience.

Elaia is located in the Central District, the heart of Hong Kong, in Hong Kong, the center of the Asian economy as well as the center of the global economy. Elaia provides business, marketing, and consulting services to the companies that are looking to establish as global companies and enter and/or expand their business in overseas market. Elaia’s services include, but not limited to, overseas entry/expansion strategy, market development, including market entry strategy, import/export trade, product localizations, business matching, and such. Elaia help and assist companies to be successful in its efforts to enter and/or expand their businesses and presences in overseas market.

Target Market Consulting Service

Elaia help plan and execute entry strategies
of the target country, city, and/or market area.
Local market research
Business inspections
Overseas market research

Elaia provides local market research, product promotion through the exhibitions and expos, professional business inspections to government agencies, overseas market research, research of and visits to the industry leading companies, and other such professional consulting services.

Business Matching
Consulting Service

Elaia provides research and search services of overseas agencies, partners, or companies to be partnered or merged in order to develop and expand overseas businesses.
Utilizing Elaia’s overseas network and experienced business development professionals, Elaia provides complete efficient and realistic services from identifying local matching targets to signing the contract of a deal.

Overseas Trade show & Exhibition Support

Elaia provides support services to overseas trade shows and exhibitions, and provides company and product promotions on behalf of our partners and customers through the exhibitions and expos.

Professional Business
Translation & Interpretation Service


Elaia provides interpretation services for contract negotiations, business inspections, and events such as exhibitions and expos. Elaia has professional interpreters who have extensive and years of business experience, and these interpreters can help and support clients to have favorable positions in business negotiations.


Elaia also provides translation services of business documents such as presentations and company and product introductions, comprehensive proposals for foreign customers, and other business related documents.

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